Is Your Brand Ready to Socialize?

Jan 04, 2013

You know and love your company or product's brand. You spent time and money developing top creative, perfect messaging with a shining website and glossy brochures that jump off the shelf. So how much control do you think you have over your brand?

social media bubbleChances are, not as much as you think. With the emergence of social media, companies are in less control of their brand than they ever have been.

The traditional method of branding was to push your message out to your customers and let it soak in, then repeat. It was, for the most part, a one-way conversation. But the rise of social media has changed that. It has given your customers a voice — and they are using it. The general public is now empowered to help shape your brand by influencing the buying habits of others. People generally are more likely to try a product or service if their friends, co-workers or industry peers speak of it highly. In contrast, negative experiences can quickly spread like wildfire, potentially damaging your brand image. Sound scary? Keep reading.

Social media doesn't have to be a stressful experience for your company. In fact, it actually has several unique advantages. By getting your brand involved in social media and becoming part of the conversation, you are essentially adding personality to your brand. It now becomes more "real" to your audience. When your message becomes a conversation, your audience is more likely to share your message and expose your brand to others who, through any other medium, would never have found you.

In addition to maintaining your brand reputation and exposing you to new customers, social media offers another distinct advantage: You are where your customers are. While your loyal customers may be checking out your website regularly and may even subscribe to your blog, odds are they aren't visiting your site daily...maybe not even every week. This is where social media can help. Facebook, for example, has 950 million active users with each user spending an average of 832 minutes a month on the site across mobile and desktop devices. When you post your message in these spaces, the chances of your customers seeing and acting upon your message are exponentially higher than if you simply post the message on your brand website.

While there are many advantages of having a strong presence in the social media space, there is a catch (isn't there always?). That catch is that you must have an engagement strategy and keep your page active. The quality and frequency of your posts must be right-sized for your audience. And, how you respond to your audiences' comments can be as important as the post.

The good news is that you don't have to do this alone. MC Interactive is here to help you develop a social media plan that will help manage your online reputation and push your brand forward. Contact us today to chat about it.