Introducing Blogging Basics

Dec 18, 2013

Thinking it might be time finally start that blog? Or, maybe you are wondering why you would even consider writing one in the first place. Either way, let us help you today with a download on some business blogging basics.

Benefits of Blogging - WHY BLOG?

  • Sharpens your business focus - you must define who you aer blogging for and why. A blog wihtout focus attracts no readers
  • Helps you stay ahead of the curve-news, industry trends, planning/ content development
  • Tells your brand story and gives your brand a voice
  • Offers a cost effective marketing investment that serves as a long-term asset
  • Gives you insights into you auidence - allows you to track, readers, clicks, popular topics
  • Helps drive traffic to your website - SEO (cues search engines that your website is active)
  • Converts traffic into leads when a call-to-action is utilized
  • Establishes authority in a specific topic area

First Steps

  • Check out what others are saying by following your competitors on an RSS feed
  • Fill our a brand character map to determine your blog's purpose, comeptitive differentiation, authoirty, personaliy and positiong statements
  • Determine your target audiences
  • Set measurable goals, such as increased traffic to your website or newsletter sign-ups

Getting Started

  • Conduct an audit of materials you already have (such as white papers, articles, etc.) that could be easily reworked into blog posts
  • Determine whot the writer(s) will be
  • Designate an editor who will proof for gammatical errors and SEO best practices, while ensuring the blog's voice remains consistent with your brand
  • Develop a posting schedule you can stick with. Start with one post a week; after you consistently hit that deadline, add an additional weekly post
  • Write 3-4 posts prior to launching your blog. It's good to have some content already built before you go live. Consider launching the site with two or three posts published in case you are able to attract readers who are interested in learning more

Feeling overwheled yet? MC Interactive can help. Our staff can guide you through this process and development of everything from your blog set-up to your editorial calendar. Drop us an email to learn more!