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Mobile App Development

"Is there an app for that?" With more than half of adults in the U.S. using smartphones, the connected world of mobile devices has created an unrivaled opportunity to put your brand in the palm of your customers’ hands 24/7.

iphone and ipadThere’s no question mobility is changing the product purchase cycle across most industries. A well-planned and executed mobile app can deliver your content direct to your end user across all points of the decision process. Internal apps can let your employees work smarter. Field reps, for example, can have access to sales, technical and support tools at their fingertips.

Our goal is to leverage the technology to help you build an engaging experience, whether Apple or Android, smartphone or tablet. App planning starts from that desired user experience, layering in business goals, messaging, content and other assets to arrive at a custom approach that makes sense for your business.

We offer a full range of app development capabilities. Native apps, which use device-specific code, run the fastest, perform elegantly and can take full advantage of device functionality. Web-based apps can use standard HTML5, JavaScript and CSS web technologies and can run on any device, be easily updated and distributed without restrictions, but give up some performance and functionality. A hybrid app wraps web-based apps with native code frameworks, blending both approaches. What makes sense for your business depends on budget, existing assets and goals for your app.

If you need an app to put tools in the hands of your reps for face-to-face client visits, our FieldConnect pre-built app framework can make you mobile fast. This affordable approach to app development gives you a custom-branded hybrid app that links directly to hosted sales tools and resources. It’s easily updated and allows you to communicate with your field force through text message-like push notifications.

Contact us today for a FieldConnect demo or to talk about the right custom mobile app for your business.

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"Pushing" your app engagement to the next level

Once you have an app, how do you keep users coming back?

After download, there’s typically an initial surge of use. Unless you are constantly adding content, abandonment can be a real issue.

Push notifications can be a great tool to get users back in the app. Standard notifications wake up the device with an alert message, driving users to launch the app. Rich push messages can offer deeper engagement by linking directly to content. Both serve as a way to increase app usage and can be tracked to measure user behavior.

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