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Banner Advertising

If you think people "never click on those ads" or "just tune them out," think again. Cold, hard data demonstrate that this stuff works.

Curser handsBanner advertising, also known as display advertising, is a proven way to drive targeted traffic to your website. And "targeted" is the key. Our media strategies can blend behavior, demographics and highly-sensitive targeting technologies to narrow in on a finely-targeted audience, giving your campaign efforts the highest probability for conversion.

Online advertising can also complement your pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns by contextualizing and reinforcing your message with branding and graphic elements. Click-throughs are often higher when surrounded by display banners.

Our approach to online advertising involves more than just making a print ad fit or move:

Ad strategy

We confirm your audience and can develop key messaging and targeted calls-to-action.

Conversion strategy

In addition to a well-executed ad, a conversion strategy is critical to the success of an online campaign. We can identify key landing pages on your site or create them from scratch, as necessary.

Design and development

Our designers create eye-catching visuals that enhance key messaging and align with your brand and content strategy. We can create landing pages that pay off the ads and move customers through a clear conversion funnel.

Deploy and test

Our media department can deploy your campaign to any number of websites and media locations and test each execution.


Using powerful metrics from ad networks, we are able to provide detailed reports that show engagement and conversions, as well as opportunities for refinement. One of the most valuable benefits of online marketing is its ability to make adjustments on the fly to optimize the value of your advertising efforts.

Contact us today to find out how we can create or improve your online advertising campaigns and increase your return-on-investment.

Banner Advertising Graphic

Go beyond campaign tracking with actionable analytics

One of the things we love most about online advertising is how measureable it is. You can track impressions, engagement and clicks all the way through to final conversion.

But all that data is useless if you don’t have a way to analyze for key insights. We recommend  FocusPointTM, a web-based analytics dashboard that provides complete tracking of both online and offline metrics.

FocusPoint allows you to visualize trends, patterns and behaviors, leading to real insights and real return-on-investment results. If you can track it, FocusPoint can integrate it into one dashboard that gives you the whole picture at-a-glance and the ability to dig down.

With FocusPoint, you don’t have to wait for quarterly reporting to adjust your marketing mix. Never again wonder which ads are performing best. Diagnose issues on the fly and take decisive action. Focus Point puts the data at your fingertips when you need it.

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