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Metrics and Analysis

"If you build it, they will come." While that strategy may work great for baseball diamonds in cornfields, it doesn't hold much water with digital marketing.

The most successful marketers use a multichannel effort powered by research, strategy, user-insight and a targeted funnel to conversions. We understand that our clients invest time and resources to build an effective digital marketing plan. Measuring and monitoring online activity is the key to maximizing the return on this investment.

Analytics and Metrics GraphicA well-developed digital marketing strategy is anchored to a strong metrics strategy that tells you how your efforts are performing and what your audience is doing. All the reports in the world won't help you if you can't interpret them and create an actionable plan from the information.

By understanding our clients' business objectives, we can overlay and dissect metrics reports to enable strategic and tactical decisions based on real world data, not just hunches.

MC Interactive utilizes Google Analytics for core Web metrics as well as a suite of state-of-the-art metrics programs that provide a comprehensive view of your digital marketing efforts. We also partner with Alight Analytics to bring our clients Focus PointTM. This specialized reporting solution allows clients to track multiple marketing channels including online, traditional media, social media and mobile marketing through a single dashboard.

Our performance optimization ensures your success:

  • review graphic

    Performance review

    We review current online marketing efforts and available legacy metrics to establish benchmarks.

  • key insights graphic

    Key insights

    We uncover issues that hinder performance and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

  • recommendation graphic


    We create a series of prioritized recommendations to overcome challenges and meet qualified benchmarks.

  • implementation graphic


    Using our team or your IT and marketing departments we put the plan into action.

  • evaluation graphic


    We continually review the analytics to gauge the success of the tactics, explore potential enhancements and document results.

  • maintenance graphic


    Our process of continual evaluation and optimization ensures top performance from your online marketing efforts.

Contact us today to learn how MC Interactive can optimize the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

google analytics graphic

Why we use Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be one of the best tools for evaluating your site's success. Here's why:

  1. Traffic source reports
    With detailed traffic reports we can show you where your traffic is coming from.
  2. Goal tracking and funnels
    Time on site, pageviews, specific page visits, downloads and purchases — see which traffic sources have the best conversion rates.
  3. Compare historical data
    View and compare trends across all data over customized periods. Use this information to better understand customer online behavior.
  4. Campaign tracking
    Create a custom tracking code (URL) for any link to your website so you can measure which campaigns drive the best visitor response.
  5. It's FREE
    Spend your money on marketing instead of website analytics.

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