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Social Media Marketing

Social media — seemingly everyone's doing it. How do you make the most of it for your brand?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…oh my! Where is a marketer to begin?

Social media and mobile (and mobile social media, in particular!) are today’s marketing game-changers. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and left behind as you try to create a place for your business to participate.

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Start by understanding the landscape. Where are your customers, employees, partners and competitors spending time? Different platforms require different strategies. What works best for what you’re trying to accomplish? Like your mother says, "Listen first, then talk."

Next, think about how your brand fits in the conversation. Social media depends on content — relevant content that resonates deeply enough with your community that they feel compelled to consume and share. It’s "publish or perish" with a twist: be interesting or be invisible.

Consider, also, your company culture. Social media requires transparency, authenticity, the ability to respond quickly and a willingness to let go of some control. While it may seem ideal for pushing out messages, the point of social is conversation and community.

Social media monitoring tools can help you monitor the conversation (and your competitors) and find the key influencers who are talking about your industry, brand or products. The right listening strategy can help you determine when and how to engage.

When you’re ready, your content strategy and plan should be comprehensive. Look beyond the specific social media site and consider your messaging and content assets holistically. How can you best leverage internally produced content across all of the channels where your customers encounter your business or your brand? We recommend creating audience maps, content plans and editorial calendars to enhance your social strategy.Social Media 2 Graphic

Finally, realize that we’ve entered a new frontier. These spaces are evolving fast and furiously — what worked yesterday may not perform as well tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to experiment and apply your learnings for continuous improvement. Relationships take time to develop.

MC Interactive can help you succeed in social with:

  • Overall social media strategy
  • Social media audits and reviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content planning and creation
  • Custom implementation guidelines for your brand
  • Social profile set-up and branding
  • Social media monitoring
  • Education and training

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your business more social.

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Keep your social ear to the ground!

Keeping up on all the social chatter relating to your brand is important for understanding the sentiment of your brand. But trying to manually facilitate this can be nearly impossible.

MC Interactive utilizes enterprise-level social media monitoring and engagement platforms that allow us to view relevant conversations happening around your brand and products in real time.

Leveraging this capability can give you a reliable impression about the public impression of your brand. It can generate new sales leads that you would not have discovered before and even help defuse crisis situations.

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